The School of Business at California Baptist University proudly congratulates the Master of Business Administration class for Spring 2013. The 17 graduates gathered to be honored and presented with their ceremonial hoods for graduation.

What does it mean to be hooded?
The history of academic regalia dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries. Noel Cox wrote in “Academic Dress in New Zealand”, the style of the hoods became settled when they were adopted by monks, clergy and university students. Oxford and Cambridge Universities were the first to make the regalia part of the academic dress. About the 15th century, the hood became a token of graduation and was designated colors and linings to signify the schools and degrees and is the main means of identifying holders of graduate degrees.

The use of academic regalia in the United States is heavily influenced from our European counterparts. In fact, regalia were so highly regarded that prior to the American Revolution, students would wear their hoods daily to their classes. Today, hoods are the most expressive component of academic dress; they are used to communicate the graduate’s school, degree, and field of study. At California Baptist University, for instance, the colors represented are blue and gold for the school and the School of Business color of drab, so anytime you are wearing your hood you should look with pride as an accomplishment of your academic achievement and pride for your alma mater.

The ceremony
The night was hosted by the Robert K. Jabs School of Business and took place in the Business Building’s Innovator’s Auditorium. The evening kicked off with an award presentation for the Outstanding Student for 2013. Next, the graduates went to the back of the room where they dressed in their cap and gowns for the hooding presentation. All decked out in their academic dress, the graduates lined up and patiently waited for Professor Christopher, the MC for the evening, to announce their name to come forward and be hooded by Drs. Deena Barwick and Bob Namvar. The evening closed with a dinner and time to chat with fellow students and faculty.

Outstanding Student Spring 2013
Congratulations to Lailani Kings for winning the Outstanding Student Award for Spring 2013! In 2008, Lailani began her undergraduate career at CBU in Marketing. Lailani completed her MBA degree in May 2013 and is planning to pursue humanitarian service through international, developmental organizations and educational systems.

Congratulations to the Spring 2013 MBA graduates!