The School of Business and Social Entrepreneurship Club would like to invite you to our next Voices of Business speaker series event on February 13 at 1PM. This event, featuring Tony Everett, will be held at the Business Building in the Innovator’s Auditorium.  Tony Everett, the president and founder of Pure Game will share about his non-profit organization that uses soccer to transform kid’s lives.

Below is an overview of Pure Game and be sure to check out the video below:

“Pure Game is a unique teaching platform that infuses an untraditional style of soccer with a character-building curriculum for youth. The flexible small-sided Pure Game system allows us to play virtually anywhere, parks, gyms, parking lots or even streets. By using a formula we have developed, players are reorganized in to new teams after each game giving children the opportunity to play with and against each player in the group. There are no permanent imbalances in the teams’ skill levels, and players don’t have to be experienced. This is a part of the beauty and uniqueness of the Pure Game system. We use the most popular sport in the world to teach kids how to break free from their current circumstances and negative mindsets. We promote a life-changing message of growth and empowerment that helps develop every aspect of a child’s life.

Soccer is an excellent opportunity to break down barriers that keep people apart.  Differences of culture, language, and a general sense of mistrust can be replaced with confidence and camaraderie.  As a foundation of trust is established, our kids become comfortable engaging in a relationship with us. In this safe and encouraging environment, we have an opportunity to instill values that will help them reach their full potential and make good choices that reflect the beautiful truth of who they are.

This relaxed, yet dynamic micro-soccer program allows kids to have fun and enjoy learning and growing.  They are given opportunities to overcome their limitations, live satisfying and productive lives, and become capable and compassionate leaders in their communities.

For the children to be able to take hold of our core values we host a series of six-week leagues. This delivers consistency and builds trust, something most of these children are not accustomed to. During each session the children play six games of soccer, each five minutes in duration. The teams are changed every game and this is the beauty of the Pure Game system. Children get to play with and against every member in the group; there are no stacked teams, and no need to be an experienced player. Players hold their own league standing from points gained through wins and losses. This allows for the kids to own the game, if they want to be competitive and play hard they can, if they want to experience the fun of the game, again they can. Pure Game does not have referees or coaches; there is supervision by a qualified Pure Game instructor to make sure things do not get out of hand, but the players own the game. Doing this allows kids to learn how to manage themselves playing with the differing levels of abilities and competitiveness, they also need to solve problems, and resolve conflicts.

The Pure Game program is designed to recognize the child on the playing field over seeing the playing field with players on it. We do not coach children in what to do; we encourage children for what they are doing. This inclusive style encourages children to be the very best they can be and to realize they are capable of at least trying anything.”

You can find out more about Pure Game by going to their website.

If you have any questions about the event please email the School of Business at