The World’s Best Kept Secret


Hello Students,

I would like to let you in on a secret, so here it is; there are no secrets in life! Everything you need to know is right there in front of you, and it always has been.

Why are some people successful, and some destitute? Why are some overjoyed and others depressed? We all feel gain and loss; we also feel both satisfaction and pain. For both the social elite and the homeless, there are only 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year. We know what we need for ultimate success; hard work, passion, and most importantly, an unwavering perseverance. If these are the ingredients and anyone can obtain them, then why are so few people fulfilled and truly successful?

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What Do YOU Want From Life?

What Do You Want From Life?

Free Dreams

Here at CBU, we call each and every one of our students to follow their dreams and to ultimately LIVE YOUR PURPOSE. We truly want you to become more and more of the best you that you can be. How can you do this?


SET HUGE GOALS! Do not settle for mediocrity; never settle for anything short of greatness in your personal and professional spheres of influence. Every day we are faced with a challenge, every morning we are faced with the decision of whether we will be great or just “slide by” through another day. You may have heard the saying: “tomorrow never comes”, today is the only day to live your dreams and become great one moment at a time. We encourage you not to settle for a life of comfort but rather a dynamic life in which you discover God’s plan as you are transformed day by day into an EPIC human being.


When putting this into practice, it means pouring all of your drive and motivation into learning from your classes, not merely studying for a grade. We are not called as Christians to be straight-A students, however we are called to do everything to the glory of God. You are not called to work for men but to work as if you were serving God through your actions. God’s economy is not a grade based economy; it is based on wholehearted commitment. We encourage you this year to study not for a grade, or a job, but to learn, live, communicate, network, dream, and achieve for the Glory of God! We at the Jabs School of Business believe that dedication of this manner will not only transform your life, but also pave the road for infinitely more success, excitement, and fulfillment. This is opposed to merely receiving good grades, and getting a good job, without having an “all-in” mindset.


Love and Prayer Always,

Your Friendly Business School Mentors


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Fears vs. Dreams

This summer, we  started a photo series documenting the biggest fears and dreams of some of our students and faculty. This has been extraordinarily rewarding for those involved. Through this simple discussion bridges have been crossed and meaningful connections have been built. It is extremely encouraging to see the similarities within our greatest inhibiting and driving forces. Ultimately the goal is to raise eyes from the current daily grind and onto purpose, meaning, growth, and inspiration so as to make a difference in the world around.

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Bloomberg Businessweek Subscription Package for MBA Students

Partnership with Bloomberg Businessweek
The Robert K. Jabs School of Business is excited to announce a new venture with Bloomberg Businessweek magazine. This new partnership will be a great opportunity for students to stay up-to-date on global current events and apply the knowledge and skills that they are receiving in the classroom. It will also encourage students to engage and explore ideas where they can think critically on both the positive and negative impacts that are occurring in the global business marketplace.

Who is Bloomberg?
Bloomberg was founded in 1982 by Michael Bloomberg with the aid of Thomas Secunda, Duncan MacMillan, and Charles Zegar. The company quickly became the leader in delivering a network of information including financial information, news, and analytics to industry leaders on a global scale. Bloomberg offers decision makers the tools needed to make quick judgments by offering up-to-date information with highly innovative technology. In 2009, Bloomberg acquired Businessweek magazine and redesigned it from being U.S. – centric to a leading source in global events.

Bloomberg Businessweek has the slogan “Bringing the Boardroom to the Classroom”; this is displayed in their B-School Connection Program. The goal is to work with business schools to promote professional business thinking and behavior culture in their academic environment. Students will have the opportunity to read what the industry professionals are reading giving them a competitive advantage when they graduate and enter the marketplace.

CBU’s School of Business Commitment to Students
The School of Business is deeply committed to creating a learning environment that is both academically challenging and professionally rewarding. Our mission is to prepare a new generation of business leaders with the knowledge, real-world skills, and nurtured talents to successfully live out their purpose in the modern marketplace. Dr. Franco Gandolfi, Dean of the School of Business, stated that this new opportunity to partner with Bloomberg will underscore the importance of offering a truly globally-centric education.

Benefits to Students
The partnership between the School of Business and Bloomberg Businessweek magazine offers students in the business program a new resource tool that can be used for their academic development. Students enrolled in the Master of Business Administration program will enjoy a subscription package that will include a weekly printed issue and access to the magazine’s digital resources.

Become a subscriber to get all the latest information from the Robert K. Jabs School of Business at California Baptist University.

MBA Spring Hooding Ceremony

The School of Business at California Baptist University proudly congratulates the Master of Business Administration class for Spring 2013. The 17 graduates gathered to be honored and presented with their ceremonial hoods for graduation.

What does it mean to be hooded?
The history of academic regalia dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries. Noel Cox wrote in “Academic Dress in New Zealand”, the style of the hoods became settled when they were adopted by monks, clergy and university students. Oxford and Cambridge Universities were the first to make the regalia part of the academic dress. About the 15th century, the hood became a token of graduation and was designated colors and linings to signify the schools and degrees and is the main means of identifying holders of graduate degrees.

The use of academic regalia in the United States is heavily influenced from our European counterparts. In fact, regalia were so highly regarded that prior to the American Revolution, students would wear their hoods daily to their classes. Today, hoods are the most expressive component of academic dress; they are used to communicate the graduate’s school, degree, and field of study. At California Baptist University, for instance, the colors represented are blue and gold for the school and the School of Business color of drab, so anytime you are wearing your hood you should look with pride as an accomplishment of your academic achievement and pride for your alma mater.

The ceremony
The night was hosted by the Robert K. Jabs School of Business and took place in the Business Building’s Innovator’s Auditorium. The evening kicked off with an award presentation for the Outstanding Student for 2013. Next, the graduates went to the back of the room where they dressed in their cap and gowns for the hooding presentation. All decked out in their academic dress, the graduates lined up and patiently waited for Professor Christopher, the MC for the evening, to announce their name to come forward and be hooded by Drs. Deena Barwick and Bob Namvar. The evening closed with a dinner and time to chat with fellow students and faculty.

Outstanding Student Spring 2013
Congratulations to Lailani Kings for winning the Outstanding Student Award for Spring 2013! In 2008, Lailani began her undergraduate career at CBU in Marketing. Lailani completed her MBA degree in May 2013 and is planning to pursue humanitarian service through international, developmental organizations and educational systems.

Congratulations to the Spring 2013 MBA graduates!

Change is Good…event video

The Robert K. Jabs School of Business at California Baptist University hosted a panel speaker event about leadership in times of change. The School of Business welcomed 5 great panel speakers who shared their experience and passion about the importance of leadership.

Panel Speakers
Rusty Bailey – Mayor of Riverside
Dr. Ronald Ellis – President of California Baptist University
Steve Bretches – Executive Client Architect at IBM and adjunct faculty at CBU
Leigh Hutchins – President and Chief Operating Officer of NAMM
Ching Liu – Executive Vice President of Solarmax Technology

If you missed the event or would enjoy a repeat of this great discussion click here.

Change is good … if you know how to lead. from California Baptist University on Vimeo.

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Senior Send-Off 2013

California Baptist University is proud to congratulate the Business School class of 2013. Last Monday night, 112 attendees gathered at the Senior Send-off for a time of celebration and reflection. The event started with several pictures from September 2009, the year many of the seniors first arrived on campus as freshmen and quickly transitioned to events from 2012. Next came a wonderful dinner and a time to chat with fellow students.

The evening also honored the outstanding students from the program:
Brittany Bateman – Marketing
Rachelle LaBotz – Business Administration
Wiley Snedeker – Accounting

The School of Business was also proud to recognize the hard work of the club presidents:
Chris Smith & David Carpio – Accounting Society
Ryan Rotundo – Investment
Lecia Rdzak – Marketing
Weiqing Lin – International Club

Following the awards, CBU alum Richard Ardito gave a challenging and heartfelt talk to students. Richard founded the Accounting Society when he was an undergraduate student. He then went on to earn his CPA license while working in public accounting. Richard also earned his MBA from CBU in 2007 and currently is the managing accountant for a major steel exporter.


Congratulations to all the Graduating Seniors!

Change is Good – Speaker Highlight

We are excited to host a great panel of speakers for the CHANGE IS GOOD…If you know how to lead event.

Rusty Bailey is the current Mayor of Riverside. Mr. Bailey is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy and has many years of experience in public service. As a panel member, Mr. Bailey will be sharing his experience from his career in public service and his skills at teamwork coordination and consensus building.

Leigh Hutchins is the President and Chief Operating Officer of NAMM. During her career at NAMM, Ms. Hutchins has worked various positions such as: payor and provider contracting, network development, transactional services and IPA operations. Ms. Hutchins will be bringing her 20 years of experience in health care management.

Ching Liu is the Executive Vice President of Solarmax Technology. Ms. Liu has been the Vice President and Premier Banking Manager of the Asian Segment for Wells Fargo Bank, as well as, Vice President of Wealth Management for Merrill Lynch. Ms. Liu will be bringing her expertise in asset-based financing and asset management in both the private investors and Asian-based institutions.

Dr. Ronald Ellis is the President of California Baptist University, whose leadership skills have developed cbu to be a premiere comprehensive Christian university, comprising of ten college and professional schools that offer 145 undergraduate degree majors and 35 graduate degree programs. Dr. Ellis has been named one of Riverside’s most influential leaders during the past 25 years.

Steve Bretches is an Executive Client Technical Architect at IBM. Mr. Bretches will be sharing his twelve year experience of providing technology based solution leadership to businesses and government. When not consulting, Mr. Bretches is an adjunct professor at California Baptist University’s School of Business.

Be sure to come and learn the art of leadership from this great panel!
Date: April 29, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm
Where: Innovator’s Auditorium at the Robert K. Jabs School of Business at California Baptist University

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ACBSP honors Aaron Christopher Teaching Excellence Award


California Baptist University’s Assistant Dean of Graduate Business Programs, Aaron Christopher, has been awarded the 2013 ACBSP’s Teaching Excellence Award. This honor has also made Professor Christopher a candidate for the 2013 International Teaching Excellence Award.

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP) was founded in 1988 and is a specialized accrediting association that acknowledges and emphasizes teaching and learning outcomes in business schools nationwide. The ACBSP is currently divided into ten regions, with Professor Christopher winning region seven. Professor Christopher and the other region winners will be honored at ACBSP’s 2013 annual conference that will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah this June.

ACBSP’s mission is to recognize schools and teachers for preparing students to enter the marketplace which highly relates to the mission here at cbu. The executive director of ACBSP states that “It is more important than ever for business programs to produce graduates who are ready to enter the global marketplace.” The ACBSP was created to recognize and reward schools and teachers that are achieving the goal of creating a learning environment for students that prepares them to be competitive and marketable in the business industires. The faculty at the Dr. Robert K. Jabs School of Business is committed to nurturing the talents of students while teaching practical skills in the classroom that will be valuable when graduating and beginning their professional endeavors.

The School of Business faculty, staff and students congratulate Professor Christopher for receiving this top honor.

If you would like to read the official Press Release, click on the following link: Christopher Press Release.


To learn more about the Accreditation association you can go to their website at



Change is an inevitability in any organization … the question is will you lead the change or will the change lead you? Join Dr. Franco Gandolfi, Dean of the CBU Jabs School of Business and world-renowned change management consultant, as he explores strategies for managing and leading organizational change with a panel of experts from industry, government, healthcare, and the non-profit sectors.

Learn best practices and how the right education can equip you for success. The event will be hosted at California Baptist University in the Business Building’s Innovators Auditorium. A networking reception and building tours will follow the event. The event will take place April 29, 2013, at 7:00 pm. Look forward to seeing you there!

Admission is complimentary, but registration is required. Please click here to complete the registration form.

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