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Riverside Never Shined so Bright

Last night Mayor William “Rusty” Bailey gave the 37th annual State of the City Address. This was his second time giving the address and it could not have been more inspirational. In attendance were more than 900 Riverside locals, the largest crowd in the history of the annual State of the City Address. I was lucky enough to be 1 in 900, as a student at CBU I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of something so intimate to the city in which I live. To hear Mayor Bailey’s powerful words and mingle with some of Riverside’s greatest leaders, innovators, and true trail blazers would be unforgettable.

The meeting began with Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful Beautification Awards and Riverside’s Hero Award, which was deservingly awarded to UC Riverside School of Medicine. The Awards where touching and the videography was captivating, but more than may eyes and ears were reached last night. Mayor Bailey’s passion for Riverside moved my soul.

City of RiversideI am ashamed to say that after working, studying, and living in Riverside for close to a decade, Riverside had lost its sparkle to me. The perimeter, borders, and all the beauty between was just the place in that I reside. Riverside seemed pretty normal to me, when in reality this city is far from it. There is actually nothing “normal” about Riverside, we defy normalcy. This powerful City’s ability to face despair in face and declare a renaissance is not normal. The rich culture and beautiful diversity in Riverside is not normal. The sustainability of this city through economic down fall is not normal.

Mayor Bailey’s topic last night was “We are Better Together.” It is not just my family that lives here, my neighbors are not defined by the fence we share; we are all neighbors. I am united with this city along with everyone who lives here. We all a part of the future of Riverside, and I am blessed to be included in the journey.

I met my husband in Riverside, I had my son in Riverside, my education is in Riverside, and my occupation is in Riverside. Riverside should not be a reflection in my life; my life is a reflection of Riverside and all the amazing possibilities this city has to offer. Riverside has never sparkled brighter to me. There are no boundaries for the potential this city and we will continue to achieve success the only way we know how; The Riverside Way.

Morgan Miller
Health Science, Pre-Physician Assistant
Leadership Allied Health
Student Blogger

Reflecting Back on MLK Day

As we pass another Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I thought it appropriate as students of the College of Allied Health to reflect on what MLK really did for us as both humans and why it is important that we celebrate the life of this man.

As I’m sure you have seen on Facebook and your favorite social media sites, quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr. are pretty easy to come by – but have we really stopped to reflect on what they all mean?  In researching MLK for various classes and curiosity, I found one quote that stuck out to me the most.  It may not be the most famous quote, but I found it to really weigh on me over the long weekend.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘what are you doing to help others?’”

As a pastor and human, MLK devoted his life to fighting social injustice. He once stated, “we are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there is such a thing as being too late.”

So, moving back towards how this affects us in the present day; I am compounded with the thought that there is a constant need to be aware that there is always an opportunity to help others in life.  In terms of being a human and student, we need to work towards social injustice through our everyday actions and intentions.

I encourage you to reflect on these quotes as well as others that you might encounter this week.  Take the words of this incredible man and really use them to impact your perceptions on social injustice.  Once you have done this, you would be surprised at the fire that lights within your soul.  After all, sometimes all you have to do is “take the first step in faith.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Curious about how you can get involved locally?  Join a club on campus or check out the College of Allied Health Pinterest for more links and information:

Have an organization you think we should know about?  Email us at  We’ll spread the word!

Lauren Bolda
Health Science, Pre-Physician Assistant
Leadership Allied Health

Don’t Sweat the Stress, Strive for Success

In case you did not know, finals are next week. There is absolutely no way around it, finals will commence and we have to partake. With stress levels at an all-time high, here are a few ways you can help lower your stress.

  1. Keep in Mind a Concrete Vision of your Future: Who are we kidding? Our minds are constantly dealing with concerns about our future by stimulating upcoming events. Finals sure have a funny way intensifying these feelings. Finals bring about a series of “what if’s” that become a tornado of impending doom. Sometimes we may even stake our entire future on one exam (Guilty). Be confident in yourself and don’t limit your abilities with doubt. You know what your end all educational goal is and you know how to get there.
  2. Remember a Memory:  You know the old saying, “Stop and smell the roses?” When the feeling of overwhelming stress and sleep deprivation catches up with you; inhale deeply and think of your happiest memory. Whatever pops into mind, run with it. Spend a couple minutes delighting in your past’s bliss. It will be sure to cut the tension of studying and you can go back to hitting the books with a smile.
  3. Breathe: Of course you cannot completely forget to breathe, but remember to breathe consciously. The fact is that most of us hold our breath when we are preoccupied, busy, or stressed. Fun Fact: A study that was conducted in 2007 showed that 80% of people tend to hold their breath without realizing it. When we don’t breathe properly, our brains fail to get adequate oxygen. Brain + Oxygen= Less Stress.

Happy Exams Week All and May your Grades be Ever in your Favor.

Morgan Miller
Health Science, Pre-Physician Assistant
Leadership Allied Health
Student Blogger