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Don’t Sweat the Stress, Strive for Success

In case you did not know, finals are next week. There is absolutely no way around it, finals will commence and we have to partake. With stress levels at an all-time high, here are a few ways you can help lower your stress.

  1. Keep in Mind a Concrete Vision of your Future: Who are we kidding? Our minds are constantly dealing with concerns about our future by stimulating upcoming events. Finals sure have a funny way intensifying these feelings. Finals bring about a series of “what if’s” that become a tornado of impending doom. Sometimes we may even stake our entire future on one exam (Guilty). Be confident in yourself and don’t limit your abilities with doubt. You know what your end all educational goal is and you know how to get there.
  2. Remember a Memory:  You know the old saying, “Stop and smell the roses?” When the feeling of overwhelming stress and sleep deprivation catches up with you; inhale deeply and think of your happiest memory. Whatever pops into mind, run with it. Spend a couple minutes delighting in your past’s bliss. It will be sure to cut the tension of studying and you can go back to hitting the books with a smile.
  3. Breathe: Of course you cannot completely forget to breathe, but remember to breathe consciously. The fact is that most of us hold our breath when we are preoccupied, busy, or stressed. Fun Fact: A study that was conducted in 2007 showed that 80% of people tend to hold their breath without realizing it. When we don’t breathe properly, our brains fail to get adequate oxygen. Brain + Oxygen= Less Stress.

Happy Exams Week All and May your Grades be Ever in your Favor.

Morgan Miller
Health Science, Pre-Physician Assistant
Leadership Allied Health
Student Blogger 

Student Profile: Norma Lopez

Chance is academically defined as a possibility of something happening. Whether chance is the potential for something great or the prospect of failure, it is ambiguous until the end result.  According to Norma Lopez chance is what brought her to CBU and it is that chance that may have saved her life.

Norma Lopez

Norma Lopez is a Kinesiology major graduating at the end of this fall semester. Not only is Norma a successful student, she is a wife, a first responder, and a mother to three children. To say Norma is goal oriented and determined would be an understatement to her character. A woman that can triumphantly juggle four incredible tasks deserves a medal. It is Norma’s aspiration to become an athletic trainer that brought her to CBU. The Athletic Training Graduate program was always in the cards for Norma, but she applied to CBU for her undergrad on a whim. Upon her letter of acceptance she followed her heart to our college.

As many know, before you can start each semester you have to go through the grueling task of financial aid and financial clearance. Along with financial clearance students must also have to show proof of health insurance. As many do, Norma opted for CBU’s student health insurance option, however, it often went unused. Upon repetitive coaxing from Norma’s husband and mother (who is a 3 year breast cancer survivor) she decided to make a doctor’s appointment for a routine checkup and mammogram. A few days later, November 6th to be exact, Norma received a phone call from her nurse practitioner stating that further tests where needed regarding the results from Norma’s mammogram. Norma was frightened and in disbelief over the series of tests that went on the next month. As I mentioned before, Norma’s mother is a breast cancer survivor, along with other family history related to breast cancer. All Norma could think was, “How are my kids going to get through this?”

Instead of being consumed with fear, Norma was encouraged by her professor, Laurie Hauck to pray. Norma looked for the reason in this devastating situation by turning to God. When her life was turned upside down and nothing seemed to be certain any more, spirituality offered peace. Through faith, Norma was sustained in this tribulation. It is through this life changing experience that Norma has strengthened her relationship with God, family, and friends.

A future that was crystal clear soon became foggy–but the Lord brought healing. Norma fortunately caught the cancer in a very early stage and was able to have it removed through surgery. By the miracle of God, Norma was able to power through 6 final exams and have a lumpectomy all in the same week. Truly a miracle.

Now looking towards the future Norma has began applying to the Athletic Training graduate program here at CBU. Norma’s future has changed though; through this horrific ordeal Norma’s purpose in life has been redefined. Before Norma’s diagnose she never gave a second thought about working with breast cancer patients. Now with a little push from God into this direction, Norma hopes to work with breast cancer patients and athletes to improve their strength, prevent further injury, and get back to their sport participation or physical activity level as soon as possible. Norma of course will continue to be a devoted, loving wife and mother to her family.

Chance, the possibility of something happening. Reality, something is ALWAYS happening. I do not think it was luck, or according to Norma “accidental” she came to CBU. God has a bigger plan for Norma; He knew how incredibly strong and resilient she is. With the appropriate tools of an unmoving faith and supportive professors, Norma can share her testimony with others and continue to impact others through her success. Norma is more than living proof that chance is not always mere coincidence, she is a Survivor.

Morgan Miller
Health Science, Pre-Physician Assistant

Leadership Allied Health
Student Blogger

Back to School: 3 Steps for Success

Are you ready?

Wowzers! It is hard to believe that August is almost over. This means that our favorite time of year is fast approaching and I am not talking about Christmas. This magical time is much better–the beginning of the new school year. Perhaps the thought of no longer being able to sleep in on every day that ends in “Y” or freely float about the day with little itinerary is almost too much to bare. For those of us who have worked all summer the transition may be a bit smoother. With a strategic plan and an optimistic attitude, this could possibly be the best semester yet to come. I now have quite a few college years behind me, and from my experiences  I have found 3 essential steps to successfully prepare for the start of school. So, here we go…back to school again.

1. Get Some Sleep

Before I am ready to endure the race of a semester or even begin to prepare, I first like to get on a healthy sleeping schedule. Sleep plays a critical role in thinking and learning. Lack of sleep hurts these cognitive processes in many ways. Sleepless nights impair attention, alertness, concentration, reasoning, and problem solving. This makes it more difficult to learn efficiently. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I need all the brain power possible to be fruitful in my studies. Bed times are not just for kids. Setting a reoccurring sleep time will help regulate your sleep cycle. This routine will let your body know when it is time to wind down and go to sleep. We are ruled by our biological clock, and when we create a healthy sleep routine our body’s energy levels will naturally drop, our eyes will become heavy, and we will crave the comfort of our pillow.

Now that a bed time is established, start an evening ritual that will complement your sleeping time. It is best to start your nightly routine a half hour before the appointment you set with the sand man. Let’s say you plan on being in dreamland at 10:00, start your routine at 9:30. I am usually very successful at accomplishing my routine and hopping into bed, but once I am in bed I do not drift into a heavy sleep right away. My mind always seems to play a cruel joke on me every night at bedtime. For some reason the coziness of my pillow sends my brain racing into overdrive. Suddenly, I am thinking of old worries, future assignments, upcoming deadlines, and other bilious annoyances. To stop dwelling on life’s stresses I jot them down on a piece of paper. I find writing them down allows me feel organized and puts my mind at ease. This way I can look at them in the morning with a fresh perspective.

2. Be Prepared

After the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep,  it is time to be prepared. Create a self-check list: Do you have the necessary supplies, books, and material? Do you know where all of your classes take place? There is nothing more embarrassing (well maybe a few things) than walking into the wrong classroom five minutes late because you were in a hurry and mistook a 6 for an 8 on the classroom door. Print your class schedule and hang on to it the first week of classes. There is no crime in being overly prepared. I find myself double checking classroom numbers well into the second week of classes. Maybe because I have worn the shoes of a freshman who is guilty of walking into the wrong classroom a few minutes late… Awkward.

Once you have found your way to class, set clear goals the first day of school for each individual class. This will provide academic support for the rest of the semester. I often refer back to my specific goals to make sure I am mastering the material and being efficient with my time. One of the biggest time wasters in school is not learning material the first time that it is presented.

3. Embrace Endurance

Finally, embrace the endurance run that begins with every semester. There is no fastest way to the finish line at the end of the semester. When final exams arrive, every single student in your class will be taking the same final at the same time. Pace your work load and be productive with time management. “Endurance”: It is the spirit which can bear all things, not simply with resignation, but with blazing hope. It is the quality which keeps man on his feet with his face to the wind. It is the virtue which can transmute the hardest trial into glory because beyond the pain it sees the goal”-Anonymous.

Enjoy the start of a brand new year! And Happy Studies!

Morgan Miller
Health Science, Pre-Physician Assistant
Leadership Allied Health
Student Blogger